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Cernos 40mg is a medication that consists of testosterone undecanoate as its chief ingredient. Usually, you take this medicine in the treatment of testosterone deficiency in men. Which is a medical disorder that is called hypogonadism. It is medication that is not recommended for use in an individual below the age of eighteen. Usually, this medicine is administered usually orally through capsules or parenterally via intramuscular injections. 

When you take a dose of Cernos 40mg the testosterone undecanoate initially gets absorbed in the gastrointestinal system. Which then gets converted into an ester form that is slowly released into the bloodstream. It then binds to the androgen receptors present in various tissues throughout the body to exert an effect by acting as transcription factor, modulating gene expression and protein synthesis. 

It was as a form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that made development of Cernos 40mg possible. The primary objective behind its development was to find the perfect solution for testosterone deficiency or hypogonadism in men. These days cernos 40 mg uses has proven to be effective for TRT in men with low testosterone levels due to conditions such as hypogonadism.

What are the cernos 40 mg uses?

Typically, there are several cernos 40 mg uses of this medicine that proves to be effective in managing certain medical conditions. They are as follows: 

  1. Hypogonadism, a medical condition in males that is characterised by low testosterone levels 
  2. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) a procedure that aims to supplement or replace naturally occurring testosterone in men whose bodies are not producing enough of the hormone 
  3. Andropause, which is a disorder having an association with age-related testosterone decline

How do you take cernos 40 mg?

Since Cernos 40mg is available in multiple dosage forms i.e. intramuscular injections and oral capsules, it is necessary that you follow certain guidelines while taking it. They are as follows: 

  1. Intramuscular route:

 Firstly, you need to ensure that a doctor or a healthcare professional adminsters injection. Secondly, this medicine you need to inject deep into the muscle, such as the gluteal (buttock) muscle. Finally, the dosage and frequency of the cernos 40mg injection needs to be prescribed by your physician or healthcare professional.  Which you need to follow with clockwork precision.  

  1. Oral route:

 Typically, if you are taking this testosterone medicine in the form of capsules then, you need to ensure that you swallow it whole with water. That too without chewing or crushing them. Also, you need to ensure that you take this medicine via the oral route daily at the same time to maintain consistent testosterone levels. 

When not to use cernos 40 mg?

Like most medicines when you take cernos 40mg you will encounter certain circumstances under which you cannot take this medicine. Here is then presenting a few points below explaining when you need to stop taking this testosterone undecanoate medications.   

  1. Typically, it is not advisable for either pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers to take a dose of cernos 40mg. Since, testosterone may possibly have masculinizing effects on the foetus and can be transmitted through breast milk 
  2. In case you are suffering from a medical conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or possess urinary symptoms associated with prostate enlargement then, you need to stop taking this medicine as doing so will worsen the condition 
  3. As this testosterone medicine does get metabolised in the liver, in case you have severe liver disease then you need to stop taking cernos 40mg to prevent deterioration of condition from occuring 
  4. Individuals having benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or any urinary symptoms having association with prostate enlargement, must not take this medicine to prevent worsening of the symptoms 
  5. Finally, if you are allergic to testosterone undecanoate then you cannot take this drug as doing so will only worsen the condition

What is the cernos 40 mg dosage schedule?

Usually, the cernos 40 mg dosage plan that will usually be prescribed to you by your doctor is given below. It is as follows: 

  • Initial minimum dosage of cernos 40 mg: 

The initial minimum dose of  cernos 40 mg ranges from around 120-160 mg per day. Typically, you can administer it as two 40 mg capsules taken in the morning and one 40 mg capsule taken in the evening with meals.  

  •  Maintainence dosage of cernos 40 mg:

After consuming a dose of this testosterone medicine there is always a possibility that you can adjust the dose if required. It may range from 40-120 mg per day as per the needs of the individual taking it. 

While following the dosage time-table of the testosterone medication given above there is a possibility that you may either miss a dose or overdose on it. In such situation then you need to take the following precautions given below: 

Missed Dosage:

It is necessary that if you miss a dose of this medicine that you take it as soon as possible. However, in case the time to take cernos 40 mg dosage is just around the corner then you need to skip the next dose. 


When you overdose while following cernos 40 mg dosage then you are likely to experience a few side-effects. Therefore under such a situation you need to call your doctor or healthcare professional immediately. 

What are the cernos 40 mg side effects and adverse side-effects?

Usually, like most medicines when you take cernos 40mg like most medicines you may experience a few cernos 40 mg side effects include some that may prove to be fatal. They are as follows: 


  1. Development of acne 
  2. Edema 
  3. Changes in cholesterol levels 
  4. Sleep apnea 

Adverse side-effects:

Besides, when you take cernos 40mg there is a possibility that you may experience a few serious side-effects. They are 

  1. Prostate enlargement 
  2. Suppression of testosterone production 
  3. Alteration in mood
  4. Increase in red blood cell count 

Cernos 40 mg benefits: 

Similar to most medicines when you consume cernos 40mg you will experience a few cernos 40 mg benefits. They are as follows: 

  1. Stimulates increase in muscle mass and strength 
  2. Significantly enhances sexual function in men 
  3. Helps in restoration of normal testosterone level in man 

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