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Main Ingredient Tramadol Hydrochloride
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What is Ol-Tram 100mg?

Painkillers are inherently opioid analgesics of the few analgesic drugs, Ol tram 100mg is one of the more powerful medicines. It is a generic medicine that is available at low cost in the USA, UK, and also Australia. Apart from this in major European countries, the availability of Oltram 100mg tablets is increasing. The medicine is an oral medication. Unlike another narcotic opioid analgesic (Tapentadol) Ol tram consists of the drug Tramadol. Since Ol-Tram is an addictive drug it is necessary to take it as prescribed by a pharmacist.

It is more euphoric than Tapentadol. Oltram is primarily a pain-management medication of the highest caliber. The painkiller is effective in treating pain from moderate to moderately severe cases. On the scale of power, Morphine is the most powerful. But it is also used in cases where the patient is fighting off death. Ol tram is statistically 1/10th as powerful as the gold standard for pain, Morphine. Also, this pain relief medication is available in a wide range of dosage strengths including 100 mg tablets.

What are the Benefits of Taking Oltram 100mg?

Like other pain medications, there are several benefits to taking Ol-tram 100mg. They are as follows: 

  • Provides instant and effective relief from pain
  • Taking Ol-tram 100mg tablet leads to reduction of pain leading to improved lifestyle
  • It is useful in taking this medicine in managing opioid withdrawal symptoms

How do you use Ol-tram 100mg?

Typically, Ol-tram 100mg you use in the form of a tablet that you take orally through the mouth before or after taking a meal. It is also available as an injectable solution that must be administered under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

What is Ol-Tram 100mg Made of?

Tramadol Hydrochloride is a powerful instant pain reliever that everyone knows and is famous as a potent painkiller drug. 1963 was the first time it came into existence. The ones responsible for the main production of Tramadol were the then-West German Company, Grunenthal GmbH. The opioid drug has over 19 million official prescriptions that include brand names as well as generic sales. In an official Tramadol Hydrochloride online survey, or as known as Tramal or Ultram, it was ranked as the 35th most commonly prescribed medication in the United States. Tramadol Hydrochloride is the main active ingredient of the medicine Ol-tram 100mg.

What are the Medical Uses of Oltram 100mg?

Oltram 100mg tablets are especially useful in treating musculoskeletal pain. Various kinds of pain can be cured with the use of Tramadol tablets. Ol-tram consists of the drug Tramadol which is a schedule IV drug. It is a controlled substance because it can have mildly addictive properties. Therefore the doctors and medical professionals only prescribe the Ol tram 100mg tablets after careful consideration and examination of the patient.


Who Produces Ol-Tram 100mg?

HAB Pharmaceuticals produces the Ol tram 100mg tablets. HAB Pharmaceuticals is a trustworthy pharmaceutical company with more than a billion USD in revenue every year. They are the largest manufacturer of Generic Ultram tablets for the Asian markets and we proudly supply low-cost medicines to the USA, UK, and also Australia. HAB Pharma tends to produce high-quality and cost-effective products and drugs. Oltram 100 mg is the result of such a big pharmaceutical company’s efforts.

What is the Working Action of Oltram 100 mg?

OItram 100 mg comes in form of injections, tablets, and capsules it starts working about 30 to 60 minutes after administration. The use of this medicine is to cure the pain that does not last for long. OI Tram 100mg is a centrally active u-opioid receptor. Tramadol binds weakly with the opioid receptors and u-opioid receptors. Therefore, OItram exists as a racemic mixture containing two pharmacologically active enantiomers which further donates to its analgesic. These pathways are additional and synergistic, which helps in improving OI-Tram 100mg tablets’ ability which respond to pain.

What are the Dosage Instructions for Oltram 100mg?

As dosage depends on the strength of the medicine and the cause of the condition. Dealing with chronic pain for adults the dosage is 100mg once a day. However, the doctor may increase and decrease the dosage accordingly. One should not take more than 300mg a day. Children, 12 years and above should strictly consider doctor’s dosages only. Children below the age group of 12 should not use this medication.

In dealing with moderate to severe pain for adults the experts suggest the dosing pattern of up to 50 mg to 100mg every four to six hours depending on the need. And children below the age group of 16 should consider a doctor’s advice strictly.

How and When to Take Oltram 100mg?

OItram 100mg tablets may or may not be taken with food both ways it is considerable. Adults and teenagers, 17 years of age and older are mostly prescribed to consume 100mg once a day. Consuming a tablet in its original form is advisable. Doctors may increase or decrease the usage of medicine according to the patient and their condition. In rare cases even children get the target of such chronic conditions nevertheless they can be cured with the help of professionals.

It is advisable to take medicine at the same time every day in the morning mostly and should not exceed more than 300mg a day. Do not change the time of day you take without taking in the loop with the doctors. Take this medication every 4 to 6 hours as per the pain and condition. Children below the age group of 12 should take professional experts’ advice before taking OI-Tram 100mg.

Overdose on Ol-Tram 100mg?

If you overdose on OI Tram 100mg there is a high chance it may lead to:

  • Contracted pupils
  • Extreme drowsiness
  • Slow breathing

Therefore, one should immediately take this act into serious consideration. However, the patient should concern with their doctor immediately or connect to any local medical emergency center.

Missing a dose of Ol-Tram 100mg?

Medical attention is very important and the consumption of medicines on time keeps your body in proper sync. However, if you forget or miss your dose of OI Tram 100mg tablet to take on time professional experts recommend taking it as soon as you remember, but in case you recognize your dose at the time of your next dose then they advise skipping your current dose and carrying on with your typical dosing pattern.

What are the Precautions Before Taking Oltram 100mg?

  • At any cost, avoid alcohol consumption since it lowers brain function. 
  • Keep the medicine away from the reach of children under the age of eighteen since they contraindicate the use of Oltram 100mg.
  • Store Ol Tram 100mg in a place with adequate dryness and also coolness.
  • Keep the Oltram 100mg tablets away from sunlight and also moisture.
  • Avoid narcotic drugs of any kind.
  • Studies suggest being away from songs, movies, videos, and also games in virtual reality that have the potential to induce epileptic seizures.
  • If there is a history of drug abuse in your family, then avoid consuming Ol Tram 100mg actively.
  • Pregnant women and their fetuses experience little to no side effects when they take instant pain relievers. 
  • Likewise, breastfeeding women also do not have to worry about Oltram 100mg passing in trace amounts through the milk to their newborn babies.

What are the Side Effects of Oltram 100mg?

The common and adverse side effects require a different amount of attention to detail. The common side effects of the medicine are not harmful but can be over a continuous period. Make sure that the common side effects are tolerable. Additionally, Oltram 100mg tablets can give adverse effects that can be traumatic  

  • Withdrawal
  • Addiction/Dependence/Abuse
  • Seizures
  • High Serotonin Levels
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Loss of Muscle Tone

The Adverse Effects of Ol-Tram 100mg tablets

  • Open Chain Opioids
  • Semi-Synthetic Opioids
  • Anticoagulants
  • Psychoactive Stimulants
  • Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs

What are the Alternatives to Oltram 100mg?

Which Medicines to Avoid with Oltram 100mg?

Make sure to avoid these medicines when you also take Oltram 100mg tablets since they interact heavily with the following medicines when present together in the system;

  • Open Chain Opioids
  • Semi-Synthetic Opioids
  • Anticoagulants
  • Psychoactive Stimulants
  • Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  • Corticosteroids

How do you Store Oltram 100mg well?

If you want to use Oltram 100mg in an effective manner then you need to preserve it using the storage guidelines given below:

  • Always keep Oltram 100mg in its original package until the time to use it arrives.
  • Store it in an airtight container away from heat and light under room temperature.
  • Also, you need to keep a dose of Oltram 100mg away from pets and children.
  • Discard this medicine as per instructions given by a pharmacist or waste disposal expert. Do not flush it down your toilet drain.

Where can you Buy Oltram 100mg?

If you are looking to buy Oltram 100mg online of high-quality then you need to visit us at erospharmacy.com now. Shop with us to buy Oltram 100mg tablets today and get it at affordable rates and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Ultram be used for anxiety?

Anxiety, Depression, and Stress are the biggest amplifiers of any kind of chronic or acute pain. Relieving anxiety can also help relieve pain. In this way the main ingredient of Ultram, Tramadol can also be a reliever of anxiety while also getting rid of muscle pain.

Q. Does Oltram show up on a drug test?

The urine screen test does not include Ultram for example during a screen test. But if you also take the combination medicine codeine, then the drug test can show positive results. Make sure to disclose the test results to the lab to ensure accuracy.

Q. Can Oltram 100mg give you energy?

In mild doses, Ol Tram can give an increment in energy levels. They produce mildly euphoric high feelings in consumers and patients. An increase in confidence and esteem levels and also well-being is possible after careful consumption of Oltram 100mg tablets.

Q. Is drinking alcohol on Ol Tram 100mg possible?

Alcohol in moderation is not bad when under the effects of Tramadol 100mg. But the intoxication effects of alcohol can be dangerous even in the smallest amounts when under the effects of Ol Tram 100mg. Since there is a chance of something bad happening, make sure to consult with your medical professional before drinking alcohol or taking narcotic substances over Ol-Tram 100mg tablets.

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