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What is Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

Carisoma 350mg tablet is a muscle relaxant medication. Doctors and health care professionals actively suggest their patients Carisoma 350mg to resolve their muscle issues and bring them relief. It is a generic medicine and is available in the oral format for quick and effective ingestion.

What is Carisoma 350mg Tablet Made of?

The salt composition of Carisoma 350mg tablet is Carisoprodol. It is present in the medicine in the same amount of 350mg along with other inactive ingredients that make the whole medicine worth having. The drug is famous in the States and is believable from a recent survey suggesting a record of more than a million official prescriptions in the United States alone. Also, it is the 255th most commonly prescribed drug in the USA. FDA has approved the use of Carisoprodol since 1959 as a schedule IV drug to treat muscle soreness.

What Is The Chemical Composition of Carisoprodol 350mg Tablet?

The chemical structure of Carisoprodol is fairly simple. It consists of 12 parts of Carbon in bond with 24 atoms of Hydrogen. Also, the structure continues with 2 parts of Nitrogen and 4 atoms of Oxygen ionically bonded to the whole composition. This is the complete composition of C12H24N2O4

Working Action of Carisoprodol 350mg Tablet

Carisoma 350mg tablet achieves a state of relaxation by helping create a greater amount of glutamate enzyme at the nerve endings. This induces a feeling of relaxation in the muscle tissue. A state where muscles do not feel any nerve pain because the nerves that carry the pain are partially dead for the time Carisoprodol remains in the system.

Which Dosage Instructions to Follow When Taking Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

The 350mg dosage of CariSoma 350mg tablet works effectively to provide relief from extraordinary muscle and joint pain. The exact dosage value depends on the severity of the condition that patients suffer from. Their age, weight, and also height play crucial factors in deciding the dosage value. Additionally, taking the tablet three times a day for a strict duration of 2 weeks is the correct way to take Carisoma 350mg.

How to Take Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

The best way to Carisoma 350mg tablet is with a glass of water. Make sure to not crush or dissolve the muscle relaxant tablets since the greatest effect is through oral digestion. Pain Management through muscle relaxant tablets becomes easy when the consumption is oral. Make sure that the correct way to take the medicine is with water only and not breaking, crushing, or even dissolving the tablets in the water thinking it might be better for oral consumption. 

When to Take Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

Make sure to take the medicine before or after having food. Either is fine but if your medical professional prescribes a specific time then take the tablets at that exact time. The time to take the medicine is thrice in a single day. The onset time of the muscle relaxant pain medications like Carisoma 350mg tablet is 4-5 hours.

Uses of Carisoma 350mg Tablet

Carisoma 350mg tablet is meant to use as a primary relief giver in the cases of pain from muscle strains, muscle pain, sprains, injuries, and postoperative pain. It is also used along with physical therapy and an appropriate amount of rest. Cerebral Palsy patients often suffer from locomotor function disability. Pain Relief medications can make the symptoms of loss in muscle control go away. The disharmony of not being able to move the way you want is possible when the patients consume Carisoma 350mg. It is not a complete cure but in the proper dosage, it can alleviate some of the painful side effects.

Who Makes Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

Wallace Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an Indian Company. It produces a variety of generic medicines. India contributes 60% of the generic medicinal share in the States and Wallace Pharma helps this representation. Carisoma 350mg tablet is made by Wallace Pharma Ltd. they have quarterly revenue of over half a billion USD. Since this is the case, there is no need to worry about the quality and legality of the muscle relaxant medicine.

What are the Common Side Effects of Taking Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

The common side effects often show the proper working of the tablets. If they persist then inform your medical doctor or medical guide to ensure safety. The common or mild side effects of taking Carisoma 350mg tablet are:

  • Dizzyness
  • Clumsiness
  • Headache
  • Faster Heart Rate
  • Upset Stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Skin Rash

What are the Adverse Side Effects of Taking Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

Some serious side effects of taking Carisoma 350mg tablet might be possible in people who do not follow prescription instructions and overdose or miss a dose carelessly. Either that or they have physiques that are incompatible with the muscle relaxant medicines. Also, make sure to inform the nearest medical centers and a trustworthy medical expert in related matters to guide you through the proper course to get you back to health. The adverse reactions are;

  • Withdrawal
  • Addiction/Dependence/Abuse
  • Seizures
  • High Serotonin Levels
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Loss of Muscle Tone

Things to be in Less Pain

What to Do In The Case of An Overdose?

Reminding the consumer’s family relatives or who they stay with to look for nearby medical centers and hospitals during a crisis period is the only right thing to do. Sometimes unknowingly there might be a case of overdose on Carisoma 350mg tablet. A seizure, shallow breathing, and irregular and arrhythmic heartbeats are the indicators of a possible overdose of muscle relaxant medicine.

What to Do in The Case of a Missing Dose?

It is hard to miss a Carisoma 350mg tablet dose since without it you will be reeling in pain. Even if you do, you should take the muscle relaxant tabs as soon as you start feeling the pain. Skip the dosage if the time to take the next tablet of Carisoma 350mg is near.

What Precautions to Follow When Having Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

  • Make sure to stay away from alcohol or psychoactive drugs like LSD and marijuana during the treatment with Carisoma 350mg tablet 
  • National Institute of Health conducted a study that showed the importance of avoiding games and videos that might induce epilepsy
  • Place the Carisoma 350mg tablets in a cool and dry place away from sunlight since they might change their chemical composition otherwise.
  • Make sure to place Carisoma 350 mg away from the reach of children
  • If you are worried about being unable to take Carisoma 350 mg because of pregnancy, it’s alright. Pregnancy has zero to no effects due to Carisoma 350mg.
  • Lactating women may produce milk with trace contents of Carisoprodol. Therefore the infants who ingest milk from women under Carisoma 350 mg therapy should be monitored for sedation for their safety.

What Medicines to Avoid When Having Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

Certain medicines are harmful when taken together with Carisoma 350mg. Make sure to prioritize your pain over other things in the short run and avoid the extra medicines when under therapy with muscle relaxants.

  • Hydrocodone
  • Open Chain Opioids like methadone, levomethadone, ketobemidone, phenadoxone
  • Codeine Derived Subgroup of the semi-synthetic class
  • Anticoagulants like Warfarin
  • Psychoactive stimulants like Fluvoxamine

Who Should Avoid Taking Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

Certain sub-group of people heavily contraindicate the use of Carisoma 350mg Tablet since they will run a risk of either permanent or heavy injury to their system internally. Make sure to avoid having Carisoprodol in the case of being affected with any of the following conditions:

  • Renal or hepatic Failure
  • Bipolar Disorder, mental health issues
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Regular Heart attack or stroke symptoms

What are the Substitutes for Carisoma 350mg Tablet?

Not all pain relievers can act as muscle relaxants. There are a few that are good substitutes for Carisoma 350 mg tablet, they are:


Carisoma 350mg tablet is fast growing to be a doctor’s favorite for many reasons. Medical health care professionals like to prescribe Cari Soma because it is a trustworthy medicine with the least amount of addictive side effects. Wallace Pharma has done a good job with the quality of the generic Soma tablets that relieve joint and muscle pain. With remarkable benefits and few side effects, people compare Carisoma 350 mg price with other online stores to buy Carisoprodol for sale. The shopping spree is not going to stop anytime soon. When are you going to get yourselves a Carisoma 350 mg tablet for your pain?

User Reviews

“Ordering Carisoma 350 mg online has made my postoperative pain easier in many ways. I don’t have to constantly go through additional therapy and massages to manage my pain and it also does not disturb my work schedule! Simply Amazing!!”

“Carisoma 350 mg is the real stuff! Best medicine to treat muscle soreness and aches. I did not wait long for the product to be delivered. The relief from pain was as quick as the delivery of the product!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What foods should I eat when having Carisoma 350mg?

Eating foods rich in magnesium will certainly help the working mechanism of Carisoma 350mg to produce faster and better relief for the pain. Cherries are also good foods to have in a diet when there is constant pain due to various reasons.

Q2) Can Carisoma 350mg increase muscle memory?

Muscle memory is a process where the muscles store a set of actions that have been repeated multiple times. After a certain period, there is no need for the brain to send signals to the muscles to perform that certain action. After repeated actions, it has become ingrained in the muscle to do that action when the stimulus is correct. For eg., a karate master will instinctively raise their hands to block a strike to their face since they practice that action daily. Carisoma 350 mg will not disturb muscle memory but it will also not make muscles remember everything. It will always be a natural process.

Q3) Can Carisoma 350mg treat my leg cramps?

Carisoma 350 mg can easily treat nocturnal leg cramps. Take it in proper amounts for beneficial effects in a couple of weeks.

Q4) Is it okay to use Carisoma 350mg for fractures?

Fractures of the hip and various bones are painful. Carisoma 350 mg can help in alleviating pain and symptoms that hurt.

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