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Tentex royal is an ‘Erectile Dysfunction or ED’ medication that contains Hygrophila and small Caltrops. Also, it is a natural solution to male ‘Sexual Dysfunction’ issues. The formulation of Tentex is essentially based on Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients. 

Which has been used for centuries in India for various male sexual health issues. Besides, Tentex royal is manufactured by Himalaya Drug Company. Which is a popular Indian pharmaceutical company that specialises in producing herbal products. 

When you take a himalaya tentex royal capsule this medicine works by relaxing the penile arteries and increasing blood flow to the genital area. Eventually enabling a man suffering from ‘Impotence’ issues to get an ‘Erection’.

Tentex Royal Uses and Benefits:

Typically, when you take Tentex it helps a man in resolving  ED symptoms. A few tentex royal uses and benefits of this herbal supplement that you can gain is in the treatment of the following conditions given below: 

1. Stamina and energy
2. Low libido or sex drive 

Meanwhile, some of the benefits of taking Tentex include: 

  • Significant improvement in erectile function within males 
  • Improves libido or sex drive3. Enhances stamina and energy

How to take Tentex royal?

If you want to consume a himalaya tentex royal capsule to effectively manage ED symptoms then, you need to understand the right way to take this medicine. Here is then presenting below a few guidelines on how to take Tentex royal 

  1. Always take a dose of Tentex about thirty minutes before engaging in sex 
  2. Usually, you need to take a dose of this herbal medication at least once or twice a day in the form of a tablet 
  3. Typically you need to take himalaya tentex royal capsule along with water or milk, as recommended 
  4. For effective use of medicine like Tentex royal it is necessary that you use it on a regular basis. Since it will produce proper effects only after a certain period of time 
  5. Before starting on Tentex like most drugs you need to consult a healthcare professional, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking other medications.
  6. It is also essential to note that you do not take this herbal medication  substitute for medical treatment

    When not to take Tentex royal?

    Like most medicines while taking a himalaya tentex royal capsule you may experience certain undesirable side-effects. Under which you cannot take this herbal supplement. They are as follows: 

    1. In case you have pre-existing health conditions, especially those related to the heart, liver, kidney, blood pressure, or hormone disorders, then you need to avoid taking Tentex  
    2. Also, this medicine is ideal for adult males and not for individual below the age of eighteen years 
    3. Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers must not take Tentex royal as doing so may have adverse impact on the womb or newborn 
    4. Finally, if your sexual dysfunction or performance issues are related to psychological factors such as anxiety, depression, or relationship problems etc

    If you are looking to get tentex royal buy online to experience all tentex royal uses and benefits then you need to tentex royal order online by visiting our ‘E-Store’  and get more such generic medications at a $25 discount.

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